Wednesday, 31 December 2003


KEIKYU that moves to home and is crowded

KEIKYU that moves to home and is crowdedIt discovers it for a moment at home of the morning. Light hits the plaque of KEIKYU and it reflects to the home.

(2003-12-31 making)

Tuesday, 30 December 2003

The World Cup extension driving and issue additional notes

Hanging timetable in car

Perhaps, the last (While I alive) soccer World Cup finals were held by the beginning in Yokohama in 2002. The additional train for that was driven during midnight.
It is representative Senegal's of player shoplifting case the most impressive in the World Cup . . Laughing. (^_^;)
However, when depression of J League today and a sales great decrease of toto are seen, I on earth think of that commotion what might. New and fickle soccer fan's way of making however was good, and a very supporter of each team because it was able to do as for the party. fuel by its nationalism(This..term..unpleasant..stinky..physical education..part..associate.)It is said that it was necessary to take pains to be established of more.

(2003-12-30 making)

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