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The full of troubles future of Kama-Kama line

I like town in Kamata. When the station of Keikyu and the station of JR might be a little away, and there was time, it walked peacefully, it came near to a second hand book shop, and I liked to enjoy it De part stick pomade of the Showa era of the station building. the shopping street between both stationsIt knew there was a railway track where this both stations were connected before at such time. It is ..connection.. Kama-Kama line as for Keihin Kamata and Japanese National Railways Kamata. Do such naming it without permission because the sound "Kama-Kama" is interesting. It was contents in .... Kama-Kama short-circuit line mark. It is 2002 to have written this for the first time. At that time, "Kama-Kama line" was not caught though it retrieved.

Orbit system transportation of local shopping street wanting it

Of course at that time of this, there was a story of the railway where both bulrush rice field station of Keikyu and JR was connected. I : this with Plarail It had gone out to the talk of the local shop association when "Keikyu-Kamata exhibition in the future" was done. It is in the activation of the town to say nothing of the plan of the local shopping street. Therefore, operating the tram and the community bus even if it was called a railway track where both stations were connected, making to the town like the transit mall, and tying to the activation of the shopping street were the proposals from this town. To begin with, the request of the exhibition was received by one of the movements of additionally activating the shopping street to the change of the town into "Keikyu-Kamata exhibition in the future" along with making to elevated in the vicinity of Keikyu-Kamata Station, and I also did while enjoying it.

Therefore, if orbit system transportation is maintained to the town in Kamata, it becomes like a blue line in this map for instance. The role to set the street (transit mall) where the car was shut out and to connect a so-called capillary of the town as LRT as "Device of the street" diligently stopping there is played. The tram of a single track loop was assumed in the map.

Seen Kama-Kama line to the 18th Council for Transport Policy report.

It is 2000 that a basic plan concerning the maintenance of transport links that center on the rapid-transit railway in Tokyo metropolitan area in the transportation policy council report No.18(report) was put out. It seems that what the controversy rises to the gradual close-up of "Kama-Kama line" in the meaning of "Kama-Kama line" in the local Tokyo assembly election and National elections is in the cause.

The meaning of "Kama-Kama line" in the report is a function as the feeder line to connect directly Tokyo International Airport(Haneda) with Toyoko line, and it is without relation to the activation of the shopping street in Kamata. Exactly, the discussion over Kama-Kama line is in this respect.
"Is the tax turned on to the railway only to pass over the street?"
"The entire citizen of Tokyo's convenience increases only by maintaining this short section. "

Because it is regional information general site- over the near   - Keikyu-Kamata continuous solidification construction, I would like seeing by all means it Keikyu-Kamata Station and   the circumference introduce this topic in the vicinity of Kamata including the content of the discussion most in detail. In this page, various topics are abundant in wiring diagram etc. from the topic of the town in various vicinity of Kamata from which Kama-Kama line is assumed.

When the problem of the Kama-Kama line plan is brought together, it becomes the following.

  1. The track gage is different in Tokyu and Keikyu. (Tokyu: 1067m/m and Keikyu: 1435m/m)
    Therefore, Keikyu cannot ride straight in the vehicle of Tokyu.
  2. The improvement of equipment is necessary for riding.
    The investment in a usual going without make the riding previous Keikyu airport line three lines, and introduce the track gage conversion vehicle into Tokyu is needed.
  3. The diagram in the airport line is Fsa.
    A lot of trains have already been operated as for the Keikyu airport line even though equipment where it can ride is made and it is expected that the number of the riding train comes to become the limited one and not to use it easily.
  4. If it is not possible to ride, do you transfer?
    The doubt remains in the point to construct the one to damage the convenience of the passenger where each idea also goes to the airport newly though there are some a transfer ideas in connected station as an alternative proposal, too.
  5. A large deficit is expected.
    Tokyu that makes it to the quasi-public corporation manages the management subject of Kama-Kama line, and it manages, and Keikyu manages it. Because the expectation of the local use cannot help becoming small if this section is taken, the deficit management of devising the method is expected. Who gets this "joker"?
  6. Tokyu and Keikyu's relations are bad.
    Is done, ..war throat under management.. is diverted, and it is said by absorbed Keikyu to sudden Daito forcibly that it is still the grudge and the distrust to Tokyu. Keikyu completely gets on and doesn't have a mind to the measure that easily passes the people who use Keikyu now to "Enemy" even if connected station is built of riding.

Ota Ward east and west railway

How will be about the posture of Ota Ward of the local government?The appearance of Kama-Kama line that Ota Ward thinks about now is shown in "Kama-Kama line" maintenance of Ota Ward east and west railway plan rough draft . It is possible to think basing the above-mentioned problem as if painful feeling that existed in dilemma was shown in Council for Transport Policy and Tokyu Keikyu both railroad companies'.

In this plan, it becomes a transfer with the Kamata Station home in the underground making the route where the track gage is different on a side each Tokyu Keikyu. Moreover, it is construction in the single track that saves the cost of construction probably because of. It makes for Keikyu and station "South Kamata" is supposed to be made around intersect with the Keikyu line on the way for crossing.

How do it become it when assuming that "Ota Ward east and west railway Kama-Kama line" opened according to the idea of this Ota Ward, and seeing from user's standpoint?It thinks by assumption where it goes from Shinjuku to Tokyo International Airport(Haneda).
The driving number of Toyoko line becomes a bottleneck as for the direct driving number of Tokyu and it during four/hour. Keikyu : during six/hour. The driving interval doesn't engage in this number every Keikyu side = ten minutes (During six/hour) of every Tokyu side =15 minutes (During 4/hour), and Keikyu will make an empty train that 2/the hour doesn't have the connection run. It is seems not to use it easily at all by becoming a diagram that connects two trains of Keikyu at intervals of one if the change to face Tokyu is seen.

When comparing it by the current state with the Kama-Kama line use

  1. By way of "Kama-Kama line"
    It takes the train of the transfer actually ..subway "Secondary center of the city line" and "Tokyo International Airport(Haneda) taking" it.. in Kamata. It transfers to the train of a transfer facing home in Kamata in the underground. The fare becomes Tokyo Metro + Tokyu + Kama-Kama + Keikyu and fare addition of four company's bureau's worth).
  2. By way of "Keikyu main line"
    It gets on the Yamanote Line going inside, and it transfers to Keikyu with Shinagawa Station on the escalator or the stairs. The fare is JR + Keikyu.
Be of a considerably high in case of actually build the railway of which you should be seemingly on the map, too hurdle is exceeded and the difficulty waits still like the reality though a nature needless to say somehow is done.

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