Thursday, 27 May 2004

B train shorty

Photograph offer of 1000 B train shorty types diamond Mr.

Photograph offer of 1000 B train shorty types diamond Mr.
Nine gauge size Corecshontoi B train shorty. Detail is a lovely vehicle where the length of the car was adjusted to 60m/m in detail though it is 1/150 sizes. Yet another world exists with toy deformation of Praral. The vehicle of Keikyu has gone out to this series, too. It is possible to actually run to exchange chassises in the nine gauge.

Photograph offer of 2100 B train shorty types diamond Mr.It is 1000 shape (former) and 2100 shape that goes out.

(2004-05-27 making)
(offer of photograph on this page   diamond Mr.)

cover All of B train shorty
238-all item complete collection catalog
Neko hobby mook(605)

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It multilaterally introduces how of new collectable railway Toi and B train shorty that Bandai is putting on the market to play. The article on ..pleasantness.. is more deeply fully loaded of the world of B tray including the catalog of a successive all items.

Wednesday, 26 May 2004

Keikyu pocketbook

Keikyu pocketbook package photograph offer diamond Mr.

The following are Keikyu pocketbooks. Do you understand barely because there is a company pin of Keikyu in upper right?It is possible to laugh by writing the one like the knowledge of the company song or the employee in this pocketbook. The where to make contact at various stations is written and it is convenient. ? ..solving.. though it did not report at all though it says.

(2004-05-26 making)
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Two Noco Den

Walking photograph offer of two Noco Den diamond Mr. Yotiyoti

Package photograph of two Noco Den offer diamond Mr.

..Gzz easily.. Mr. is put on the market happily related to Keikyu. This is Noconoco and a train where it walks. The inclination is applied, and it walks two in the cardboard of feeling rough ..for a moment.. that is while the balance ..good.. when the Noco train is put there. Feeling named Yotiyoti is happy.

There was two walking technology (?) of this hand since old times. It becomes the toy of the chocolate egg recently.

(2004-05-26 making)
(offer of photograph on this page   diamond Mr.)

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