Monday, 29 October 2007

Type 2100 Plarail

Keikyu   Plarail   stock of   type 2100

It is a China quality though want to be said by me it is very good because of the example of it is possible to do.
The process of the spraying painting might be done in a very dusty somehow point.
It is   sad with being in mixing of dust.

As for musical scale VVVF sound of recording from a real car when immediately moving it, it is firmly, and the running sound and the stop sound, etc. are indeed good. Let's   try connecting to the tube amp that arrived at it simultaneous on the day just now. whether to hear an unexpectedly good sound when the speaker ties from Hetare and this output to the amplifier

Keikyu 2100 Because being retrieved with Plarail(tomica train) is more, it is the buying infos.
It is possible to   buy it by "Otodo keikyu" (Keikyu goods shop) .
In the menu It goes out when "Keikyu train goods list" is chosen. There seem still to be a new chiliad shape of the sale and 600 shape of blue before. It sends it out within the day when applying on 10/26 mornings of the release date. It is ^ whose arrival and skillful processing seem to be Keikyu somehow in the following morning of today (10/28) on the second.

The little overmistake not so found in the age made in Thailand like a little irregular color and the wound, etc. stands out though it is not thought that the quality as Plarail has fallen though it is a result of the vehicle. It is "Purchase. " if it says for this vehicle if the respect doesn't worry.

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