Saturday, 8 October 2005

Waving wheel tread

Shinagawa..north..Shinagawa..tight..character..curve..Toukaido Line..cross..bridge..Tokaido..intersect..railroad crossing.The limitation of 25 km/h is put, and any train jogs this curve section.

Well, the problem is a rail level in this section. I would like often seeing it. Will it be understanding that the running surface of rail waves?

Relating with running in the dogleg low-speed might be correct though whether it is cut down so that the running surface of rail may wave like this by what kind of mechanism is not understood well. It also is seen also by the running surface of rail of similar and Hinodecho ..waving.. Station.

"Squeak noise" of the train that passes here is also special ^_^;. It reflects, this is "Calm Sema Tat" in me.

Taking a picture: 1997-07-12

Tuesday, 4 October 2005

PlaceMarks for Google Earth

Google Earth is serious, it is famous, and the bonito is also white. Then, the place of the article related to my Keikyu and all stations of Keikyu were made and "Pin" display file was made from this Google Earth.

It is displayed as shown in left figure, and the zoom improvement is done to the position in which the detailed image is seen when double-clicking it.

Keikyu-Kamata Station
However, this Google Earth has some restrictions because of only for Windows2000/XP, and an English version it. For instance, even the installation seems not to go well when the login name to Windows is Japanese. I want to encourage it as a splendid tool that sates one's curiosity to can the self-solution of such a problem.

Download(kq.kml, 51kb)
It is sure to be displayed as the icon of the pin queues up in a row in the vicinity of Tokyo when the above-mentioned file is downloaded and it opens with Google Earth if operated well by being able to install Google Earth well. The number that has been put before the station name and establishment, etc. is not a number that synchronizes variously by the number for the arrangement.

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