Wednesday, 2 June 2004

Keikyu Choro-Q

Big and small Choro Q photograph offer diamond Mr.

Choro Q1000 type photograph offer diamond Mr.It is Keikyu Choro Q this time. The first piece is a new chiliad-shape Choro Q.
The second piece is 2100 shape Choro Q.
Will the box be also lovely in the sudden capital feeling?
It is not thrown away somehow. 。。The running feeling is quite, too.
A new chiliad shape is Cocoroyotoc Tokyo International Airport(Haneda) taking.
2100 shape is for Cocoroyotoc Misakiguchi.
A new chiliad shape has not been sold any longer.

Moppet Choro Q2100 type photograph offer diamond Mr.

(2004-06-02 making)
(offer of photograph on this page   diamond Mr.)

Sunday, 30 May 2004

Train puzzle of Hello Kitty

Puzzle photograph offer diamond Mr.

Photograph offer of 2100 B train show tea types diamond Mr.And, the following are the train puzzles of Hello Kitty. There are seven kinds of combinations of rails. Railway track where Sagami Railway, Ltd. version and Keio version are the same. By the way, because the combination etc. used only by three pieces are contained even if it says, it is not as you see wonderful at all with seven kinds.

(2004-05-30 making)
(offer of photograph on this page   diamond Mr.)

Original train magnet

Photograph offer of 2100 original train magnet types diamond Mr.

Photograph offer of 2100 B train show tea types diamond Mr.It is four company tenth go directly anniversary magnet.
This absorbing ¥¥¥. ¡¡Is it use in what?The smilingbroadly.
Do I only have to apply it to the refrigerator?
Being possible to do is slight. ¡¡This is decorated while gotten.
Isn't such a project unusual for a moment however or .. ¡¡
Do not you think?.... because it is anyway the first in Japan. ¡¡

Thus, is it a toy to do the train play with the refrigerator?Is it also good to paste the message seat?

(2004-05-30 making)
(offer of photograph on this page   diamond Mr.)

Thursday, 27 May 2004

B train shorty

Photograph offer of 1000 B train shorty types diamond Mr.

Photograph offer of 1000 B train shorty types diamond Mr.
Nine gauge size Corecshontoi B train shorty. Detail is a lovely vehicle where the length of the car was adjusted to 60m/m in detail though it is 1/150 sizes. Yet another world exists with toy deformation of Praral. The vehicle of Keikyu has gone out to this series, too. It is possible to actually run to exchange chassises in the nine gauge.

Photograph offer of 2100 B train shorty types diamond Mr.It is 1000 shape (former) and 2100 shape that goes out.

(2004-05-27 making)
(offer of photograph on this page   diamond Mr.)

cover All of B train shorty
238-all item complete collection catalog
Neko hobby mook(605)

From the Book data base of Amazon
It multilaterally introduces how of new collectable railway Toi and B train shorty that Bandai is putting on the market to play. The article on ..pleasantness.. is more deeply fully loaded of the world of B tray including the catalog of a successive all items.

Wednesday, 26 May 2004

Keikyu pocketbook

Keikyu pocketbook package photograph offer diamond Mr.

The following are Keikyu pocketbooks. Do you understand barely because there is a company pin of Keikyu in upper right?It is possible to laugh by writing the one like the knowledge of the company song or the employee in this pocketbook. The where to make contact at various stations is written and it is convenient. ? ..solving.. though it did not report at all though it says.

(2004-05-26 making)
(offer of photograph on this page   diamond Mr.)

Two Noco Den

Walking photograph offer of two Noco Den diamond Mr. Yotiyoti

Package photograph of two Noco Den offer diamond Mr.

..Gzz easily.. Mr. is put on the market happily related to Keikyu. This is Noconoco and a train where it walks. The inclination is applied, and it walks two in the cardboard of feeling rough ..for a moment.. that is while the balance ..good.. when the Noco train is put there. Feeling named Yotiyoti is happy.

There was two walking technology (?) of this hand since old times. It becomes the toy of the chocolate egg recently.

(2004-05-26 making)
(offer of photograph on this page   diamond Mr.)

Sunday, 25 April 2004

Type New 1000 vehicle

In a new chiliad type eight Ts mountain that starts from calm Sema Ta Shinagawa Photo by.

  It was turned on as the following car of type 1000 in March, 2002. Vehicle where multiplication putting in Toei Asakusa Line, Casasen, and north total , public corporation line is possible. In the body based on type 2100, three one side doors. white act revives from these new chiliad type again.

1008 & 2156 photo byTwo-shot with type 2100.


Long seat Photo byLong seat. It ..urge.. partitions and and Stanshomporl (grip stick) are ..capacity sit-down.. attached to an inside degree.

1000 box seat Photo byThe box seat similar to type 2100 is set up at the edge of the car.

Supplementary seat Photo byA supplementary seat is attached to the door side of the box seat.

The vehicle from the wife part to the next is seen Photo by. The vehicle from the car edge connection part to the next is seen.

Gangway footplate Photo byGangway footplate. The board that comes below is decided. It was an extending board of the same type in old times, and connected part of the board that came below rubbed.

Door Photo byDoor. There is an indicator of LED in the upper part.

Clmabanhyou Photo byThe car turn display part is still including the production company.

Whole of ANA advertisement Photo byBody painted in all body advertisement blue. Blue is ..way.. ..the resemblance each other...
..Doraemon.. ..filling...

Whole of ANA advertisement Photo by   

Whole of ANA advertisement Photo by

1008 Misakiguchi Photo byNew chiliad type of wire-puller. They are three doors, and it is indistinguishable with type 600 to the untutored eye. It was a vehicle where I who had thought a window surrounding white = cross seat had been made to eat for a moment.

(offer of photograph on this page: ) (2004-04-25 making)
(2005-02-02 reform)

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